Welcome to the Pericles Project

Welcome to the Pericles Project. Pericles is a Horizon 2020 funded initiative aiming to develop a comprehensive approach to prevent and counter violent radicalisation and extremism.


The Pericles project formally commenced on 01 May 2017, and a kick-off meeting was hosted at the end of May by project coordinator, KFN in Hannover, Germany. From the outset, the consortium was focused on agreeing a delivery plan for the first reporting deliverable of the project, common operating procedures and protocols, and making early plans for the project website, etc. First plans for the various Work Packages and how they would inter-relate were discussed, and the various partners highlighted their “offers” and “requests” for information to identify early efficiencies and quality approaches to implementing the project objectives and the fulfilment of the Description of Work. The project Security Board duties were assigned, and a review cycle for all project deliverables was agreed upon.